Being a common wanderer never interested me. I was born a confusing blend of Black, Polish, & Narragansett Indian down on the Atlantic seashores of New London, Connecticut…A self proclaimed heartfelt New Englander who doesn’t like the cold. Nearly 2 decades of skateboarding and graffiti make up the foundation of my work. A lot of broken bones and lawyer fees have helped to create a vibrant, happily subtle darkness you can find in almost all of my work. The overcast permanent grin laces nearly everything I do. As if I am in a constant state of laughter, but not really, but I want others to feel happiness when they see my work. Teaching Preschool, with a focus on the arts, I have spent countless hours subconsciously re-inventing the moody, illustrative characters of children that also lends inspiration to my work. They leave me to wonder, “am I teaching them or is it the other way around?” A messy combination of out dated house paint, aerosol, acrylics, torn up notepad sketches, and homemade oil based inks make the base of my soup. I enjoy working on alternative surfaces, always keeping an arms length from the standard canvas because I think it’s boring. Folks have labeled my stuff as outsider art, I happily embrace that title. Nothing pleases me more than taking a bunch of old, dirty, found objects and breathing vibrant life right back in, or period, as perhaps said object never had any vibrant life to began with. My work has been on display from coast to coast, in galleries such as “One Grand,” PDX, “Forage Space” Scranton, PA, “The Distillery,” in South Boston, and The NY Times Featured “MUSE Gallery,” CT. I have also had features in Connecticut’s “Good Cop, Bad Cop” press, New London’s “The Day” newspaper, Boston’s “Weekly Dig” and Providence based “Movable Magazine.”